Jovana Milovanović is a graphic designer and photographer from Belgrade.
Since 2012 she has been working as a professional concert and festival photographer working with several portals and magazines.
She graduated graphic design at the College for Professional Studies of Belgrade Polytechnics and got a degree by writing a piece in music photography entitled „Photography and Music“.
In 2013 she decided to use name Skullcheez in representing her work and created a logo and a mascot as the first step of building a brand for herself.
She has won three awards in the field of music photography, one of which is the UPI (United Photographers International) gold medal at the „Rock 2013 – Zaječar“ international traveling exhibition. She has participated in fifteen group exhibitions, among which are the exhibition of the Photo Association of Serbia, the exhibition of the International Photo Salon and her favorite so far, „50 years of concert rock photography in Serbia“ in which she participated in as the youngest exhibitor.
Her work is recognizable for emotional portraits, vivid colors, negative space and unique moments.
She is always making maximum out of a venue, with a constant search for as many angles as possible.