Emili Muraki,

who is a Tokyo/Japan based photographer specialized in concert-photography and shooting many kind of creators’ photos. Her photography have own sense & colour balance, and people call her photos “Emiliphoto” in Japan.

She’s educated Art University Musashino and a specialist of colour & fine-art. She got the first film camera in the student era and hocked into the world of creation. She doesn’t miss any lovely moment of your memory and always promise one of the sweetest & loveliest photos to you.

By today, many wonderful people around her have been making her as a photographer Emili Muraki, and her photo works are luckily and happily published world wide such as CD/DVD, magazines and so on. All experiences make her love photography more and more, and she appreciate all the people and experiences.

She also has shooting experiences in UK and Sweden, and have a knowleadge of difference between Japanese industry and European industry. She respond to the clients’ needs promptly at the venue well.

Emili is here for you, and ready for shooting your real soul and important memories.