Denise Bouffier is a photographer who was born and raised in Germany and moved to the US 2016 as she is also half American. She works for a large variety of professionals. Her clients are notable companies, brands, artists, actors, models, tv-hosts and musicians. She realized at a young age that photography was her passion. It was no accident that this German American set her sights on a Bachelor of Filmmaking degree. During her studies Denise was looking for a new challenge and found it in 2012 with her fellow students Patrick Aldinger and Jonathan Schupp. They formed the film production company Priory Studios. In a short time many top international companies such as Bosch, EnBw, Sparkasse, Sennheisser and many more were soon among its customers. After graduating, Denise put all of her energy into creating her own photography portfolio. With passion she pursued her dream of living in Los Angeles. Now she focuses on catching unique moments that will last a lifetime.